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The throat energy center

bluethroatThe throat energy center deals with expression in every form. There are two sides to expression. Giving and receiving.

Giving is when we send energy out to others. We do that by speaking, writing, singing, playing an instrument, building with our hands, building with the mind, dancing, even in how we dress ourselves. Expression leaves behind solid proof of its existence. Think about how many times every day we send energy out to others. The ability to send comes from the root. It takes confidence, independent behavior, and personal strength to express yourself with honesty. That’s half the picture.

The other half, is receiving energy back. Anyone who reads what an author has written, hears what a musician has composed, played, and recorded, reflects on a painting or form of any kind created by an artist, admires the integrity of a newly made building – is sending energy back to the one who designed it, the one who birthed it. Unlike the material solidarity of the created work, energy sent back to the creator has no solid proof of existence. It does not exist in the 3rd dimension. Its 4th and 5th dimensional, transcending higher as we evolve. This is the ability of the crown of the soul.

Sometimes when we give, we end up feeling drained. Kind of like no one is giving back to us. For whatever reason, we feel safer in the thought that love is not present, so we block out the presence of the unseen, unheard energy sent back to us. This feeling can accompany being spiritually drained, losing your desire to create, and can develop into apathy, numbness, the need for physical proof or its not real. That feeling is real, but we are never alone, even when we want it to be.

In the same manner, the creator can adore the spiritual feedback so much that they get high on the presence of love. The mind expands to allow the unseen and unheard to activate all of the senses, and the senses blend, you feel connected to everything and everyone, the Oneness becomes euphoric. That feeling of Oneness is real, but we are never completely One.

So we learn lessons of love, taught by the self, through daily expression.

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