Spiritual Q&A

Yesterday I began a video blog so that I can have a much needed Q&A with people who have sent me questions on various spiritual topics. I printed them all up and have them in my lap at the moment. There is enough for 10 episodes of just Q&A 🙂

Teaching metaphysics , I’ve done that for years. My aunt and grandmother before me, did that for years. Having this opportunity to reach out in this media form, is humbling. It strikes many chords in this open soul. No matter what the topic of discussion is, I would like for people to walk away from me knowing that we continuously learn to love others. That is the entire purpose of living. There are some people who take what someone says as gospel, that scares me. There is a healthy need to dive into the unseen, unreached corners of your world, to question everything.

If you would like to submit a question of a spiritual nature in a future episode, contact me on www.facebook.com/cjb1970

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